Literary Awards

Reviewers Choice Awards

2014 -- Caledonia Switch 

2015 -- Salvation at Rio Feo

2016 -- Fair Share

2017 -- A Dolphin and a Pilot

2019 -- Reaper's Lament (2)

IndieFab Finalist

Book of the Year

2015 -- Salvation at Rio Feo 

2016 -- Fair Share


Non Fiction Authors Association

Gold Winner Award

2019 -- Reaper's Lament

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Indie Book Awards

2016 -- Fair Share

2019 -- A Dolphin and

                a Pilot (2)

Novel of the Year

Honorable Mention

New England Book Festival

San Francisco Book Festival

2017 -- A Dolphin and a Pilot

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Readers' Favorite

Five Star Award

2019 -- Reaper's Lament

Five-Star Reviews

Reaper's Lament Cover.jpg
  • "... impossible to put down; I read it in a single sitting ...." -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "Readers will delight in Reaper's Lament ... written with the deft hand of previously published novelist (Steven Lane Smith)." -- Writer's Digest

  • "It really grabs your attention." -- Non Fiction Authors Association

  • "Unique and exciting ... you will really dig this book." -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "... thrilling ... with literary flourishes and strong pacing." -- Benjamin Welton, Foreward Reviews

  • "... among the very best accounts I have read ...." -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "... an amazing read!! I couldn't put it down!!! -- Non Fiction Authors Association

  • "... a great read ...." -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "Terrifying aviation stories humbly told." -- Gallantbridge

  • "An ocean tale brimming with excitement, hilarity, and exuberant characters."  --  Kirkus Reviews

  • "The writing is just flat-our hilarious!" -- Reader Views

  • "A funny and deeply satisfying story."  --  Amazon Reviewer

  • "Themes of perseverance, hope, courage, strength inspired me."  --  Amazon Reviewer

  • "One of the best 'make-you-feel-good' books I've ever read." -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "I wish Disney would make this into a movie!."  --  Amazon Reader

  • "... entertaining and thought provoking." -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "Made me laugh and cry at the same time!" -- Amazon Reviewer

  • "Light, humorous, didactic, it kept me fully engaged."  --  Amazon Reviewer

  • ​"Love this author. Can't put it down. Hysterical!"  --  Amazon Reviewer

  • "A fast, fun, often funny, occasionally dark, and always entertaining read."  --  Ben Green, Reader Views

  • "I hope I haven't heard the last of Codwell Gutterman, truly a cad's cad!" -- Gallantbridge

  • "Hilarious scenes will have you laughing out loud."  --  Amazon Reviewer

  • "Smith is in for a great career as a writer ... readers are in store for a fun read."  --  Ben Green, Reader Views

  • "Inventive satire, sparkling dialogue, riveting parable about the guilt we should not bear."  --  Gallantbridge

  • "... full of unpredictability, humor, and suspense.” -- Reader Views

  • “The characters are so funny you’ll laugh out loud ... smart, funny and well-crafted tale. The story is filled to the brim with human frailty and the strength we find when we learn to give and receive love.”  —  Amazon Reviewer

  • “... a light, witty, entertaining read ...." –  Reader Views

  • "A hilarious parody of big-time college basketball."  --  Gallantbridge

  • "... quirky and very entertaining. You can't help but laugh your way through the entire book."  --  Reader Views.

  • “An auspicious debut dealing in moral failure and the search for humility and wisdom.” — Kirkus Reviews

  • “A good heartwarming story.  Five HUGE shiny stars!” — Reader Views

  • Caledonia Switch is my favorite read in many years.” — Amazon Reviewer

  • “A very well-written and intriguing story.” — Benjamin Franklin Awards

  • “Everything you want in a good read.  Rich characters, twists and turns, humor and tragedy.” — Amazon Reviewer

  • “Hilarious narrative and a fast-moving plot . . . classic storytelling with memorable characters.” — Amazon Reviewer

  • “Strikes a chord about the saving grace of forgiveness and reconciliation.” — Kirkus Reviews

  • “Crisp and clever (I was reminded of A Prayer for Owen Meany and A Confederacy of Dunces).” — Amazon Reviewer

  • Characters that are “... vivid and alive ...” -- Writer’s Digest

  • “A comical, moving, and entertaining account of growing up in Post-Puritan New England.” -- Gallantbridge