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When a loner computer game champion recruited to kill smugglers along the Mexican border becomes a target himself, he leaps from the virtual world to the real world by stowing away on a plane with no pilot.




When social misfit Killer Gross sees a recruitment ad for a secret government operation, he decides to leave his sedentary life behind.  The pudgy, alcoholic champion computer-gamer knows everything about computers but little about the real world, especially about drugs and guns being smuggled across the U.S.-Mexican border.


Killer is whisked away to a secret desert location along with three other loners – a rebellious Mennonite (Isaac Zook), a disgraced former fighter pilot (Tagg Kline), and an Apache casino bouncer (Eagle McDonald).  Killer barely survives drone pilot training under the tutelage of a slightly perverted female major named Amazing Grace in an underground bunker in New Mexico.


The four trainees have little in common.  Their immediate dislike for one another is gradually displaced by their distrust of Major Grace and their hatred of sadistic squadron commander Major Lance Dugan as they get caught up in vaporizing smugglers left and right using a new laser technology called Angel Wrath.


When the smuggling crisis threatens to ruin U.S. President Donald Trant’s campaign for a second term, his cunning Chief of Staff (D’Tronomy Cole) convinces him that exploiting Angel Wrath is the only way to win re-election. At a secret meeting in the Texas desert, President Trant bribes Mexican President Rogolo into establishing a Quarantine Zone along the border of the two countries.


President Trant doesn’t know about Cole’s illegal insider trading in shares of Angel Industries. Furthermore, he doesn’t know that Angel Wrath engineers have concealed fatal flaws in the weapon system by devising a “patch” to keep the system operating and the stock price high. “Mission creep” takes over, and soon Killer and his pals are whacking people inside the U.S. without leaving a trace.


The unholy alliance between Presidents Trant and Rogolo begins to fray, and news of illegal assassinations leaks.  Major Dugan’s desperate dismantling of the secret operation includes eliminating the four mercenary pilots.  Killer has to choose between cutting a deal with Major Dugan or escaping with Eagle, Isaac, and Tagg.


Killer helps Isaac escape the compound in the trunk of Major Grace’s car.  Tagg hijacks a drone and tells Killer and Eagle to strap themselves to the fuselage.  Killer’s ultimate decision is whether to escape by foot across the desert or to risk having his life saved by a machine designed to kill.


Killer survives the ordeal, gives up his lonely virtual life, and rejoins the real world.  He has learned that remotely controlled, conscience-free antiseptic assassination is a pipe dream.  He learns that killing is something one human does to another.