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When a small-time basketball player steals bribes, blows the national championship, and runs away from avenging crime bosses, he makes a second bid for glory by stealing a coach’s identity and building a championship team in a hopeless desert town.




Tommy Gunn is a star player for the Kentucky Barber College Cutters, the most notorious underdogs in college basketball March Madness history.  A bookie named Igor bribes Tommy to lose the championship game by more than three points.  A bookie named The Smelt bribes Tommy to injure an opponent and win the same game.


That’s not how bribes are supposed to work.  FBI Agent Bogart leads a task force bent on arresting conspirators like Igor and The Smelt and crooked players like Tommy.
When KBC loses by a point, Igor and The Smelt lose millions. Tommy runs away with all the bribe money despite desperate pleas from the love of his life, Lori Tolliver.  The mobsters make repeated attempts on Tommy’s life, but plastic surgery makes Tommy’s face unrecognizable to them.  Tommy changes his name for good measure.

Having lost his chance at fame as a player, Tommy seeks glory as a coach.  In the hope-starved town of Rio Feo, Tommy recruits a team made up of wrestlers, acrobats, and an eight-foot player coveted by every college team in America.  Tommy forges credentials, switches players’ numbers, and intimidates opponents to stay undefeated. He walks a tight rope between winning fame and being snuffed out by Igor and The Smelt.

Disaster strikes at the end of a phenomenal season when Tommy abandons his dreams to protect his star player.  Tommy survives a shoot-out between Igor, a jilted high school stalker, and a gang of disenchanted wrestlers just as The Smelt’s hit man arrives in Rio Feo to finish Tommy off.

Barely escaping with his life, Tommy finally owns up to his hypocrisy and shady dealings. His change of heart opens the door to redemption. Tommy reunites with Lori and makes a fresh start, promising to make their dreams come true honestly without taking shortcuts.