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A Presidential candidate frames a troubled drone pilot for the death of his election rival.



Lieutenant Mason Benedict is facing elimination from Air Force pilot training partly because of his addiction to gambling.  He begs for help from Lieutenant Sam Naylor, the top pilot in his class.  Sam refuses to help.  Mason is eliminated from pilot training, and he vows revenge against Sam.


Ten years later, Sam is an F-16 fighter pilot when he is hospitalized with burns from an aircraft fire.  Following a year of skin grafts and rehabilitation, he returns to non-flying duty.  Sam’s wife Carla Brand, who is an ambitious lobbyist in Washington, DC, divorces him and goes to work for Presidential Candidate Ray Lopez.


Sam’s mentor arranges his assignment to Detachment Ten (Det Ten) as commander of the secret drone operation hidden in the mountains of New Mexico.  Instead of being grateful for the command opportunity, Sam is resentful. He shares a stormy relationship with Lieutenant Maria Acosta, his fellow drone pilot and Executive Officer.


In the intervening eleven years, Mason has used his engineering background to become the Air Force’s foremost expert on drone weapons.  His gambling addiction surfaces again, and he is discharged from the Air Force.  Gloria Trujillo, a friend from his drone think-tank days, helps him land a consulting job with Senator Dale Strong, Ray Lopez’s opponent in the race for the Presidency.  Dale hires Mason to scrub his personal history of any event that could hurt his election chances.


Dale’s polling numbers trail Ray’s.  Mason convinces Dale that killing Ray is the only way to win the election.  With Dale’s reluctant approval, Mason skyjacks an Air Force drone exercise to assassinate Ray.  Mason promises Dale that using a drone will make it impossible for anyone to trace the killing to them.


Ray and his secret lover Carla die in an explosion at his Colorado mansion.  Sam is accused of the murders, and he is confined awaiting Court Martial.  The evidence required to exonerate Sam is contained on a flash drive, which Mason erroneously believes he has destroyed.  Maria takes a huge gamble to find the missing flash drive.


Dale becomes the election favorite, but Mason has to eliminate three “loose strings”.  First, Mason kills Captain Bob Starke, his agent inside Det Ten.  Second, Mason orders Gloria to kill Maria.  Maria and Gloria, however, have had a romantic past, and Gloria warns Maria.  Finally, Mason arranges a secret meeting with Gloria where he plans to kill her.  Gloria has been in collusion with Dale from the start.  The showdown between Mason and Gloria determines who will be the last “loose string” to be eliminated.


Although Ray’s assassination is never traced back to Dale, Sam is able to prove his own innocence.  He patches up his relationship with Maria.  With the help of his mentor, Sam puts the agonizing ordeal behind him and finally returns to flying fighters a humbler and wiser man.