When a town terrified by a violent motorcycle gang turns to a nerdy college fraternity to restore law and order, the nerds turn to technology.




The United States government is in default.  Budgets for all federal agencies are cut 62% across the board.  Federal entitlement programs are slashed by 53%.  ATF and DEA agents are reduced in force by 74%.  The State of Texas cuts all grants to counties, reduces Texas Highway Patrol officers by 80%, and disbands the Texas Rangers.  That’s when the Spawn of Chaos, the most feared motorcycle gang in America, rides into Toro, Texas to take control of the largest number of

drug-smuggling tunnels anywhere on the Mexican border.  They swarm over the small town commandeering businesses and forcing homeowners out of their homes.


Toro is also is the home of the Toro Tech Tarantulas.  Delta Upsilon Delta (ΔΥΔ or  DUD), an engineering fraternity and normally a hot spot for beer parties and indolence on the dusty campus, is destined to become the epicenter of resistance to the Spawn of Chaos horde.  Cam Donner is the DUD social chairman and J. B. Kidwell is the DUD sergeant-at-arms.  Over the course of a hot September, the two seniors mature from irreverent party animals to highly motivated guerilla fighters who use their marginally superior intellect to battle the physical might of the motorcycle gang.


In the DUD frat house basement at an emergency meeting, the DUD president tells his brothers that the Toro Tech teaching staff, janitorial staff, college police, town police, and county sheriff’s deputies have all gone out on strike.  As Cam taps a new beer keg, the president makes the situation clear: “All that stands between the freedom of the people of Toro and a crime wave is . . . us.”  Cam, exhibiting the bravery that comes with inebriation, stands tall: “As for me, give me death or give me liberty.”  The brothers argue for a while about the exact quote, then, Cam shouts out, “Who’s with me?”  Not surprisingly, every drunk DUD brother in the room voices his support.


During ensuing weeks, the vicious bikers in the Spawn of Chaos terrify women, confiscate homes, and widen drug tunnels to Mexico.  Cam’s girlfriend Jill collaborates with the occupying force of savages and becomes the “Old Lady” of the leader of the pack.  Cam and J. B. execute a series of daring raids against the Spawn.  Using improvised explosives, drones, sand pits, noxious gases, even kites, the DUD underground nips at the heels of the Spawn bikers like a rabid dog.  Their nimble scooters repeatedly evade the gang’s heavy choppers until the Spawn of Chaos leaders decide it’s not worth the trouble required to occupy the town.


When the dust settles, the Spawn of Chaos rumbles out of town, Jill is left behind, order is restored, and the fabric of the border town is restored to the mediocrity it enjoyed before the gang invasion.  Cam and J. B. have changed, too.  Cam forgives Jill and takes her back as his girl on his way to becoming the youngest mayor Toro has ever elected to office.  J. B. enters the priesthood at a nearby monastery.  The town of Toro dedicates a monument of a scooter on a pedestal in front of the DUD house to commemorate DUD’s courageous brotherhood of underground resistors.