Love 1, Hate 0. When Muslim terrorists murder the fiancé of an American female drone pilot, she gives up her military career and seeks revenge by joining a secret mercenary unit. She unknowingly assassinates a political leader and has to escape the Middle East with the help of the Muslim man she has grown to love.




     A Down syndrome boy is fitted with a belt of explosives in preparation for a terrorist suicide bombing attack in the Middle East. Air Force drone pilot Captain Christine “Chris” Ransom impatiently waits for “kill chain” authorization to fire a missile from her overhead drone before it’s too late. She finally destroys the suicide bombers, but enmity between Chris and her Squadron Commander Major Kurt Short deepens.

     Her frustrations spike days later when her fiancé and brother are killed in Afghanistan on the same day. Her heartbreak festers into a hatred of Muslims. Her unsanctioned retribution ends her Air Force career. Angry and jobless, Chris is recruited as a highly-paid mercenary drone pilot by a clandestine German firm, Eisentor GmbH. 

     Chris flies to Qstan, a foreboding Middle Eastern country where she is met by a Qstani-German Muslim interpreter named Adil. He escorts her in an Eisentor Humvee to a remote desert compound called Tango Bravo. The tightly-guarded compound is a desolate bastion of male chauvinism populated by Qstani “outside-the-wire” guards, Qstani-German “inside-the-wire” guards, a German commander named Dieter, and drone pilots Lukas (German), Martin (English), and Ivan (Russian). 

     Chris quickly realizes that Dieter selected her for the job in hopes she would serve double duty as a pilot and a bedmate. Dieter is a self-appointed warlord who makes rules up as he goes along. The Director, Dieter’s boss in Munich, occasionally visits Tango Bravo but fails to intervene in Dieter’s excesses. Tensions mount for Chris as Dieter presses her for favors and Ivan makes openly hostile advances toward her. Chris’s only link to civility is Adil, who both frightens and fascinates her. Adil wins Chris’s trust by protecting her from an assault by Ivan.

     Chris begins to doubt the lawfulness of Tango Bravo’s strike missions. Qstan falls into turmoil: demonstrations and pitched battles precede an election between sitting President Kasim Demir and radical rival Erkan Yilmaz. In response to President Demir’s assassination, martial law is imposed nation-wide. On a day trip with Adil, Chris becomes separated from him, and she is jailed. To protect the secrecy of Tango Bravo, Dieter sends an extraction team to raid the jail and return Chris to Tango Bravo. Chris, more paranoid and isolated than ever, is horrified to learn that the victim of her most recent assassination mission is Erkan Yilmaz.

     Civil war breaks out in Qstan. Qstani General Arslan orders the emergency evacuation of Tango Bravo to destroy all evidence of Qstan’s control over Eisentor. All German citizens are evacuated in a convoy to the nearest air base. Chris, Martin, and Ivan are imprisoned in one of the Tango Bravo pods as thermite grenades and an air strike are used to destroy the compound. Chris and Martin escape at the last moment and begin a treacherous evasion out of Qstan. Adil is wounded during the evacuation, but he sends a desperate message to Chris to meet him in London.

     General Arslan orders a Qstani fighter jet to shoot down the German evacuation cargo plane. Arslan calculates that Chris, Martin, and Adil are the only survivors of Tango Bravo, and he scours the country to find them. President Demir reveals to the Qstani public that his assassination was faked, and he returns to fill the vacuum left by Yilmaz’s death.

     Chris’s epic escape with Martin by sea lands them in Akrotiri, Cyprus. CIA and MI6 agents there fly Chris and Martin to London where they are released from custody after signing non-disclosure, no-contact agreements. Martin, who has become emotionally attached to Chris during their harrowing escape, reluctantly splits from her, advising her to let her hatred go so she can reclaim her life.

     Chris goes to Trafalgar Square at the appointed hour and is delighted to see Adil approaching. Their embrace and kiss symbolize Chris’s release of her hatred of Muslims. Love has saved Chris from the cycles of violence whose never-ending ferocity is dramatized by a flash cut to the last scene.

     General Arslan and The Director are seated at an outdoor Qstani restaurant when a young, mentally-retarded suicide bomber approaches them. The bomber’s sublime gaze terrifies General Arslan the second before the explosion kills them all.